GTS History

GermanTwinscrewS GmbH bases on 25 years of experience. This experience is present in designing and producing counter rotating twin screws and barrels for the worldwide market. Over the years, marketing and use of counter rotating twin screws and barrels in more than 110 countries built up an established experience, which systematic documentation presents the heart of GermanTwinscrewS.

An established training program for PVC processing and optimization of PVC process specialties has been the basis for creating a software for optimization and designing of counter rotating twin screws. With this software, an almost infinite number of geometries of established European manufactures have been manufactured and this computer guided strategy of design is today’s standard only at GTS.

On the other side, the quality of the GTS software has been proven by manufacturing more than 1.000 sets of twin screws by using the instructions of this software combined with GTS guidelines for designing. GTS becomes one of the leading companies in spare twin screws and barrels for the global extrusion market.

Established twin screw knowhow is the base for twin screw extruders and lines. For lines, we are concentrating  and spezializing in pipe and pelletizing extrusion. Pipe lines have been mostly standard lines, sometimes with highest line speed. Downstream was manufactured by some of the established companies in the field of downstream. Our  well-approved extruders are the key equipment in these lines.

Based on the long-term experience in pelletizing, for standard and special application, we built up own pelletizing lines. The full pelletizing line is GTS know how and our manufacturing. Our customers request mostly highest output or specialities like C-PVC compounding.This all causes that GTS delivers exclusively its own twin screw design, which is compatible to all available extruders. Also own extruders and lines.  This applies also to any supplies like pelletizing heads, screen changer, 8to0 adapter etc.

  • GTS creates international standards for highest melt quality
  • GTS creates international standards for output maximizing
  • GTS creates international standards for longest screw lifetime