8to0 apapter

8to0 adapter are a key element in manufacturing machines for twin screws. We often find essential mistakes in their designing. The main features, i.e. short residence time and the flow optimized melt channel, are often ignored. Additional the requirements of cleaning and montage need to be considered.

GTS offers for all available extruder 8to0 adapter, which have been optimized in structure and for usage during the last decades.

Instead of working with a damaged or bad 8to0 adapter, please inquire a new one. We deliver ready to install, that means inclusive a mica heater and a new thermo coupling.

You will receive the offer immediately on your registered email address. To get an offer you only need your screw diameter. In case of order our service engineer will prove your system and determine the optimal 8to0 adapter for your extruder/ line.

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