barrel heater for saving energy

During extrusion, a large quantity of energy is brought into the process by barrel heating. A large quantity of extrusion machines has heaters without any insulation so that with these heaters a large part is mainly for heating the plant. We often see that the design of the heaters, i.e. the heating capacity is often too low (long waiting time to get the right temperature) or to high, and in this case, you often see overswinging and waving of the actual temperature.

Basically, the extruder heaters should bring 40% of the energy into the PVC extrusion process. All GTS heaters are made by a ceramic system, which is double insulated against the outside atmosphere. The ceramic heaters are robust in application and for long term and 7/24 application. The double insulation guarantees that only a small percentage of the heating energy is lost in plant heating and the most of energy is actually for plasticization. This is not only good for the process itself or for energy saving, it is good for our environment.

GTS heater bands are designed for the right heat energy in the right place of the barrel. Only by the right design you can run economical and stable for the process. Important is additional the design of the heating/ cooling units. The cooling out of the ventilator system will follow up the air channels around the barrel to get the same cooling all around the barrel surface. For different intensity of cooling GTS has different cooling channel systems, all built up by special coated aluminum profile systems.

In the pre-heating zone all GTS extruders have three or four ceramic heaters. Before the vent zone and in the metering and vent zone GTS installs heating/ cooling elements as a standard.

For rigid and foam sheet extrusion as well as in the siding extrusion GTS installs all heating zones at the barrel with a heating/ cooling element. This is important to run the line with a wide range of different formulations all times in the range of the max. output.

GTS offers heaters as spare parts for all existing European brands. The GTS screws and barrels can be ordered with or without heater bands.

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