Small Parts For Counter Rotating Twin Screws

In the PVC extrusion, a high number of special accessories is used. GTS gives the possibility to directly order these specific accessories. These include thermo couplings and screw adapter, special glasses for the venting area etc. This product group will be continuously extended, so that the GTS Company can fulfill all needs of twin screw extrudeurs.

GTS offers relaxed and temperature resistant glasses in following sizes:

glass 1: size 10 x 75 x 340 mm

glass 2: size 10 x 80 x 380 mm

glass 3: size 10 x 80 x 415 mm

glass 4: size 10 x 100 x 420 mm

In the extrusion, mainly thermo couplings of type J are used. These will be pushed into the barrel by a bayonet catch with bounce. GTS offers thermo couplings with a cable length of 3m, 6m and 12m of type J. These thermo couplings are provided with a spring and have a ball contact area. The coupling diameter is 6mm. They will be installed with a bayonet catch and a screw adapter. The screw adapter will be delivered with a M14 x 1,5 thread or a M12 x 1 thread. Most twin screw barrels have a M14 x 1,5 thread, sometimes (mostly Cincinnati) you find M12 x 1 threads.

Thermo couplings and screw adapter as well as special glasses are in stock and can immediately be delivered after receiving payment on our account.

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