Vacuum Adapter

In twin screw extrusion the vacuum is a very important point. On the one hand, for PVC extrusion the vacuum should be as high as possible to get all the gasable parts off. On the other hand, inside the vacuum you should have a full compounded melt which is not glossy and should have a rough surface so you are able to penetrate all gasable parts off. Experienced process staff will always have a look into the vacuum zone when they start the line. By the optical impression of the melt condition they know if they have to modify the filling rate of the screws and if they have to change the barrel temperature in the pre-heating.

All vacuum adapters which are available on the market have different weak points. Basically, this is that it is often not or not simple possible to have a view inside the vent area. The second point is, that the vacuum sealing creates problems. By our long term experience GTS developed a vacuum system with a large glass cover. The glass is a special heat relaxed glass which allows a good view into the vacuum area. It is simple for opening and for cleaning and it allows a very good vent sealing. The sealing is done by a simple rubber tube made by Viton.

GTS delivers for all vacuum adapter at the market a compatible GTS vacuum adapter. These vacuum adapters are design in four different sizes so we can fulfill all requirements of different sizes for extruders.

GTS offers four different sizes of vacuum adapter:

  • Vacuum adapter Type GTS-V-0818: this type is basically for conical units up to 60mm und parallel extrusion barrels up to 75mm diameter.
  • Vacuum adapter Type GTS-V-1024: this type is basically for conical units up to 80mm und parallel extrusion barrels up to 94mm diameter.
  • Vacuum adapter Type GTS-V-1028: this type is basically for conical units up to 90mm und parallel extrusion barrels up to 120mm diameter.
  • Vacuum adapter Type GTS-V-1228: this type is basically for parallel extrusion barrels larger than120mm diameter.

By your requirement we can design the vacuum adapter with a special connection to your extruder.

You will immediately receive the offer at your email address. You only need to send us your required output range. To save time you can order this system online. In case of order our service engineer will prove your requirements and is also pleased to advise you.

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