GTS delivers processing units which are compatible to all European OEM brands. GTS offers for these screws and barrels the installation and start-up separately. Independently you are able by your own experience to install these screws and barrel by yourself. The installation of screws and barrels by GTS service engineers will give you the safety that the installation is done professional and correct and the setting of screws is fine. During start-up, our service engineer may do a training with our experience for your manufacturing staff.

We strongly recommend the start-up of extruder, compounder or pipelines by our service engineers. This is a requirement for the complete machinery to get the GTS warranty conditions. Our service engineers are fully experienced for any type of installation in all countries of the world and know the problems of not so simple conditions with power breaks etc.

Travelling time will be calculated independent as well as all costs for hotel and accommodation etc.

If you are interested in our service please contact directly the service department by