Measurement of processing units

All processing units will create wear during their lifetime. The wear and the speed of wearing out are related to process conditions, mainly to the balance and quality of formulations. Strong effects for wear will be created by bad qualities of fillers, fillers with silitium in it, and formulations which include indefinite components like sand in natural fibers like rice shells or glass fibers or glass bubbles. Wear is coming slowly by time so that you see a slowly change in extrusion product quality.

This is the reason why it is economical to measure the geometrical dimensions of the screw time by time. The evaluation of the results can only be interpreted by a wide range of experience. This is the reason why we offer to our customers the GTS measuring service. Our service engineers prepare for each line the measuring data of screws and barrels and will give you a report. By this report you will receive information about the actual condition of the screws and possible problems which could create during processing and about app. lifetime etc. He can give information to you if it is economically possible to recondition screws or barrels.

It is a pleasure for us to train your service people how to measure and how to interpret the measuring conditions. We have special developed diagrams for presenting the measuring results and diagrams to show you where is the border of wear and at which point you should change the screws. Because there is a delivery time of several months it is important to order a new set of screws and barrels early enough.  If you order the screws by GTS we will give you the service of one measurement as a discount.

GTS has long-term experience. Contact us and send us your inquiry for measurment at

daily rate for measurement

  • daily rate in Germany        500,00 EUR/ h
  • daily rate in Europe            600,00 EUR/ h
  • daily rate outside Europe  800,00 EUR/ h

Travelling time will be calculated independent as well as all costs for hotel and accomodation etc.