Training and Instruction

GermanTwinscrewS trained the management level of different extrusion companies in more than 20 countries in a wide scope. About 1.500 employees attended these training and instruction programs.

The training bases on academic and substantial education to design a comprehensive PVC prototype, the so called EJK prototype, which has been developed by Dr. Krueger in 1984 and nowadays is a standard in many companies for machine engineering and processing.

In the following you will find a variety of key subjects, but generally most topics are customer- or project-specific and compiled in consultation with the customer. The seminars will be hold for either one or two days. Independent of travel costs or other expenses following charges are valid.

1 day seminar at GTS’s company EUR 3.800,-
1 day seminar at customer’s company EUR 4.800,-

2 days seminar at GTS’s company EUR 6.500,-
2 days seminar at customer’s company EUR 8.700,-

The customers receive a certificate of further training as well as customer specific documents of conference.

We have summarized our GTS knowledge in about 50 themes, but we are also pleased to answer special question according to your requests.

In the following you find a few samples of themes. Detailed and complete information are part of each offer.

• polymerisation of PVC
• formulation and it’s components
• structure of formulation and it’s optimization
• mixing process of PVC
• dosing and feeding
• gelation of PVC
• basics of screw design
• co-extrusion
• process technology and analysing
• chemical and physical foaming
• process technology of foaming
• pipe extrusion
foam core extrusion
• compounding of PVC
• optimization of linespeed
• basics of tool design
• tuning of PVC tools
• products and testing – standards
• Etc.