Twin screw extruder

This range of GTS extruders bases on more than 25 years of experience for the usage 7 days/ 24 hours under rough circumstances, which you find in many extrusion companies. As a leader in technology of PVC processing GTS uses besides a high-class processing unit a gearbox of the German manufacturer Henschel and a variety of high-class individual components.

One focus of the extruder development is the reduction of cycle of maintenance or a possible freedom of maintenance. All processing units are issued with a closed looped tempering system of screws and the barrel cooling is issued with an established, maintenance-free air cooling system. The oil cooling of the gearbox is also run by a maintenance-free air/ oil heatexchanger. The low-noise gearbox with very high dimensioned bearing system and gear wheels which are special grinded for a very long duration is greased and cooled with oil, which must be changed every 12 months.

The screws in combination with a high torque gearbox allow a design for a very wide range of processing window. Generally, the processing unit should be run with highly filled screws, so the influence within the pre-heating zone by the barrel heater will be excellent. At the end, this is the cause for an excellent behaviour of venting and for the run with low processing temperature but with best melt homogeneity.

The installed motors are exclusively maintenance-free asynchrony motors. All heaters are equipped with multiple premium heat insulations, built up by stainless steel covers, so the heat is guided into the barrel and only slightly into the extrusion hall.

Freedom of maintenance and the aspect of energy-reduction are main design rules of GermanTwinscrewS GmbH. That is a reason why we focus on a smallest loss of energy within the gearbox and a most effective engine performance.

GTS takes care of environment and reduction of CO2.

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