A special product for machine builder (small to medium size OEM) is our PowerUnit. Our PowerUnits consist of a gearbox combined with twin screws, barrels and 8to0 adapter and is a well-approved machine component for all different kinds of applications. Small to medium size OEM are often in the business of single screw extruders and single screw lines. With GTS Power Units you can install, assemble and start up your own twin screw extruder. You will combine your market knowledge and your knowledge of extruder manufacturing with our knowledge regarding gear boxes and screws and barrels for counter rotating twin screws. These counter rotating twin screws are mainly for extrusion of PVC dryblend.

Power Units are built solely with parallel twin screws and four different axial distances or screw diameters. By using different L/D ratio you are able to have a wider range of output, to be competitive to the large OEMs. With this production series you can achieve outputs from 100kg/h up to 1.500kg/h. The screw design will be made according to your requirements for pipes, profiles, for sheets or pelletizing. Special requirements like foam or special or high extra fillings can also be available.

The gearbox contains an adjusted gearbox cooling. Further GTS accessories like heaters, vacuum adapters etc. can be ordered at GTS, but you are also able to use your local resources.

By individual design of the machine frame or your specific electric you will get an extruder which can problem-free be delivered to your customer. If required a GTS service engineer can give support for testing, for final installation or for start-up at customer’s site.


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