Pelletizing PVC

The global usage of pelletizing lines for PVC pellets is the basis for GermanTwinscrewS GmbH to consistent further development of pelletizing technology.

The understanding of the PVC pelletizing process is based on the understanding of PVC gelation. GTS is leading in development regarding PVC gelation and the understanding of the gelation itself. By this understanding the GTS pelletizing line was optimized during the years to have a wide pelletizing process window, the best pelletizing products and the best output.

GTS pelletizing lines are made for all types of shoe compounds, cable compounds, high filled compounds, fitting compounds, high transparency compounds, C-PVC compounds etc. GTS delivers for each application optimized screw design, which are generally basic screws and we deliver optimized screws for each application, too. The optimized application screw can be used for all types of pelletizing, too, but has an optimized and maximized output for one application.

To get a performance with special formulation of minimum 200kg/h and a maximum up to 3,5t/h cable compound, GTS developed a wide range of pelletizing lines. These are following 10 lines with different sizes:

  • pelletizing line GTS 2-75-26 P
  • pelletizing line GTS 2-75-35 P
  • pelletizing line GTS 2-94-26 P
  • pelletizing line GTS 2-94-35 Ppelletizing line GTS 2-114-26 P
  • pelletizing line GTS 2-114-35 P
  • pelletizing line GTS 2-134-26 P
  • pelletizing line GTS 2-134-35 P
  • pelletizing line GTS 2-146-35 P
  • pelletizing line GTS 2-168-35 P

GTS pelletizing lines create pellets of highest quality. Pellets have a very consistent gelation and at the same time a very low gelation (i.e. low processing temperature). On the other side GTS lines are built for very high output.

All parts of the GTS pelletizing lines are inhouse developments. The screen changer is used for soft PVC as well as for rigid PVC. Changing of screens can be done without changes in pressure in front of the screws. The pelletizing head with the die face cutter has got a favourable melt flow, so with either minimum or maximum output the pellets are equal. The plate is tempered separately and very easy to change, so you can produce pellets with different diameters.

The preload for the cutting separator in die face cutting is very low, so you get a fine cut without dust. After cutting, the pellets are transported directly into an air vortex. By this optimal cooling, a good pellet shape is guaranteed.

A pneumatic pellet conveying belongs to the pellet cooler. This cooler is without moving parts and works by the principle of air bed cooling. Oversized pellets are separated in the starting process and give a possibility to remove pellets for analyzing in laboratories.

Optional GTS offers a sacking station for bigbags or oktabin fillings with automatically weighing.

Another option is that GTS delivers complete pelletizing lines inclusive automatic mixer and weighing. In this case we build on our long-term cooperation to established German manufacturer.

Of course, GTS qualifies all customers in pelletizing, i.e. we either optimize formulas or train employees in laboratories or at pelletizing lines and offer this as a regular trainee.

With consideration of the environmental awareness, GTS conception of a pelletizing line is, to develop for freedom of maintenance as well as for lowest use of energy. All components are optimized and well-matched and are for the use 7 days/ 24 hours for a robust production.

GTS takes care of environment and reduction of CO2.

A quote will give you all detailed technical and commercial information. It includes also two different payment conditions.


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