• Is GTS a new company?
  • GTS has been founded in January 2016 as a 100% subsidiary of EJKrueger GmbH, which is since begin of this century in the business of extrusion           machinery. GTS was founded as a sales structure for a global alternative way of sales based on the idea of reducing flight and travel activities of our salesmen.
  • Which products are you able to deliver? 
  • The core products of GTS are screws and barrels, compatible to all extrusion machines of Krauss Maffei, Battenfeld, Cincinnati, BCA, Hans Weber, Theysohn, AMC, Rollepaal etc. GTS has wide range of experience of knowhow for screw design and optimization as well as manufacturing and wear protection. GTS delivers complete lines for compounding PVC up to 2.5t/h, PVC pipe lines up to 250mm, PE pipe lines up to 250mm and PPR pipe lines up to 160mm. Additional you get a lot of different spare parts for many lines.
  • Why GTS via internet?
  • Our philosophy is to think different. During travelling in more than 100 countries we got the feeling that we have to change our way of using our global resources – not only optimization of manufacturing and optimization of output of the screws. GTS will reduce the adversely affect to environment by reducing all travelling with endless flights.
    you get your quotes within a few seconds. You can ask all extrusion products which are not in our homepage by mailinquiry@germantwinscrews.de and you will get a quote within 48 hours.
  • Does GTS deliver profile downstream?
    GTS does not deliver profile downstream.
  • Does GTS install screws and barrels?
    Experienced GTS service engineers do installation of any screws and barrels for all brands globally. Additional they do measurement of wear for all different brands.
  • How about fast delivery in case of emergency?
    The standard delivery time for screws and barrels are 15 weeks. 90% of all screws and barrels are shipped in week 14. We can do fast delivery for nearly all screws and barrels in the time range of 9-11 weeks (depending on size) against a small high speed production fee.
  • Can GTS deliver turn key projects?
    GTS delivers screws and barrels and some PVC and PO We do not make turn key projects.
  • How about delivery to South America?
    GTS has a global network of customers for all countries. Only North Korea is excluded.
  • Wear protection of screws and barrels?
    Standard wear protection for all GTS screws is given by wear optimized screws and a special extra depth nitration of the steel surface. For application like rice shell formulation, wood composites, glass fibre re-inforced formulations or barium sulphite as filler GTS has a wear protection with Tungsten Carbide as a layer for all product contact surfaces. For US market we deliver a special wear protection with Tungsten Carbide on the running surface of the screws. These screws are prepared for running only in bimetallic barrels (X-800 barrels).
  • What is the difference between Krauss Maffei, Battenfeld and GTS?
    German brand names are world leader in the field of plastic processing. Old companies like Krauss Maffei, Battenfeld etc. have a global market and a wide range of experience. But often less flexibility and not enough creativity for new requirements. GTS is based on PVC knowhow from formulation to all different production processes. GTS has the best knowledge for twin screw design and screw optimization. Customers tell us we are the best.
  • What is the guarantee?
    GTS has a long guarantee letter for all warrantee requirements. Summarized we give two years warrantee for all our mechanical production parts for the quality of production. GTS gives a warrantee for wear of screws and barrels as a standard for one year. Our well known customers made arrangements for warrantee period of up to three years.
  • Can GTS install in Argentina?
    Well experienced service engineers install in all countries excluded North Korea.
  • Can you give references?
    We could give, but we do not do it. We protect our customers by complete confidentiality with respect to all information we get from them. We discuss not only machinery, we do optimization for formulation and for products etc., too.
  • How about refurbishment of extruders and lines?
    GTS delivers only new machinery.
  • Do you repair screws and barrels?
    GTS delivers only new screws and barrels.
  • How do you think different with GTS?
    A core of our thinking is taking care for the environment, so our company philosophy brings the customer in front and put direct next to him environmental aspects. We reduce a large quantity of flights and travelling for sales activities.
  • Did you deliver to Middle East?
    GTS has got many customers in Middle East and Iran, and North, Middle and South African countries.
  • Do you have experience in WPC?
    Several of our screws and barrels are the heart of manufacturing of wood composite profile. Additional our screws and barrels are running in the field of compounding of WPC.