The website of GermanTwinscrewS GmbH is built up of three main parts

1.Information about GTS machinery for plasticizing PVC

Detailed information about processing units, extruder or lines, accessories as well as GTS engineering and GTS service. It also includes our PVC Pool, where we give detailed information about PVC formulas and PVC processing.

2. GTS online offer

GTS offers all processing units, machines and accessories online, that means you will receive our offer directly after sending your inquiry. Therefore, register with your company name, your personal name, your e-mail address and your country. You can update your address for billing or delivery later on at “my account – address”.

Make a choice between extruder/ lines, screws and barrels or accessories. For all offered machinery you can choose variations.

GTS differentiates the processing units

  • Screws and barrels as a set
  • Only screws
  • Only barrels
  • Only barrel heaters
  • Barrel with heater
  • Screws, barrel and heaters as a set

You have the possibility to send a remark with each inquiry. The offer is sent directly to your e-mail-address; your remarks are answered within the next 24 hours.

3. Online orders

All offered products can be ordered online. Therefore, you have to update your billing and delivery address. Place your order at “my account”. After placing an order, you get your order confirmation inclusive delivery time directly at your email address.

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