What can you expect by GTS


  • pipe- and profile
  • Sheets and compounds, application with natural fiber
  • Medical technic
  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry
  • Special application with extreme requirements

Size of GTS processing units

  • Counter rotating, closely intermeshing twin screws, parallel design from Ø 50mm to Ø 200mm (special design up to 500mm)
  • Counter rotating, non-intermeshing twin screws, parallel design from Ø 200mm to Ø 500mm
  • Counter rotating twin screws, conical design from Ø 35/70mm to Ø 94/198mm
  • Single screws from Ø 30mm to Ø 500mm
  • Co-rotating screws, built up by shafts with segments from Ø 120mm to 300mm
  • Barrel segments from Ø 120mm to Ø 500mm
  • Length one-piece construction up to 9m
  • Length multiparts up to 13m

barrel tempering

As a standard, barrels are heated with ceramic heaterbands and cooled with efficient powerful blowers. When needed, single or twin screw barrels can be tempered with liquids. Barrel segments are usually designed with intensive liquid tempering with adequate cooling.

Screw tempering

As a GTS standard, counter rotating twin screws are designed with a close-looped, 100% maintenance-free and self-optimizing tempering. Optional, screws can be offered with an open oil circulation. Special designs, especially for cryogenic processing units, can be offered customer-specific.

Feeding bushes

Single screws are offered with or without feeding bushes. Grooves can be according to requirements horizontal or in spiral design. Generally, all feeding bushes have an intensive cooling.

Venting for twin screws

Very often, twin screw barrels are delivered with a GTS vacuum adapter. The adapter is a very simple and robust design, which gives a wide view into the process of PVC decomposition.

Venting for single screws

Single screw barrels are often delivered with a GTS venting dome. The GTS venting dome has a large volume and gives besides a simple cleaning possibility a very good sealing.


high-quenched and tempered, stress-relieved steel according to German quality

wear protection for counter rotating twin screws

GTS Standard is a special extra-depth nitration with a depth of 0,6 to 0,8mm.

Additional, GTS offers screws PTA welded or with Tungsten Carbide. GTS can also offer a complete coating of the screw surface in the processing zone with Tungsten Carbide. PTA-plating is usually done with Tungsten Carbide or Molybdenum.

For application in food industry only certificated material combinations will be offered.

Wear protection for twin screw barrels

GTS Standard is a special extra-depth nitration with a depth of 0,6 to 0,8mm. Additional, GTS offers bi-metallic barrels for extreme hard application.

Usually, barrel segments are designed according to required wear resistant inserts. These inserts are often exchangeable when worn out.

Wear protection for single screws

GTS Standard is a special extra-depth nitration with a depth of 0,5 to 0,7mm. To increase wear protection, often a PTA welding with Colmonoy is done, for extreme wear protection a PTA-plating with Tungsten Carbide is used. To prevent typical wear in the feeding area, those screws will be completely treated by a special spray method coating.

Wear protection for single screw barrels

As a standard, single screw barrels are extra-depth nitrated. For special application GTS manufactures a bi-metallic barrel.

GTS differentiates between the bi-metallic barrels for single screws: For application in non-corrosive but very abrasive area, GTS uses an alloy on iron base. If there is an additional corrosive wear, Tungsten Carbide coated bi-metallic barrels are used.