GermanTwinscrewS GmbH finds solutions for all requirements of PVC process technology.

Experiences since 2002 in C-PVC extrusion gave comprehension for C-PVC processing and as a result an optimal screw design for pipes, profiles and sheets. A big number of processing units for all kind of different types of machines of European manufacturers are in usage worldwide.

The worldwide usage of C-PVC is very different. It is especially caused by different manufacturing. Usually the chlorine content is between 61 and 70%, the resulting density between 1,5 to 1,6g/cm³. We more and more see developments by our customers to change formulation of C-PVC. In first place, it is the usage of certain fillers, but also formula components to change surface property etc.

Besides the very important screw geometry for C-PVC application, the combination of material of screw to barrel as well as the protection of the surfaces, where material contacts, are very significant. While years ago, screws have been partly chromed, they nowadays are completely chromed. Material for this jacketing is developed in-house and has been proven in all fields of C-PVC.

Our customers profit by the perfect design combined with optimal wear protection. By using GTS screws in continuous operation, output for C-PVC can be guaranteed for a range between 20kg and 750kg/h. Many twin screws for C-PVC application have been manufactured, started by compatible processing units for CE 3, CE 5 or CE 7 as well as many parallel twin screws with diameter of 65-120mm. Highest output in continuous operation is run with processing units for a KMD 114-32 with one degassing for extruding C-PVC pipes of 150mm.

Usually, only small pipes for hot water or superheated steam have been used. Today the area of application is much wider. Pipes become bigger, profiles become important and even sheet extrusion becomes interesting. C-PVC is seen, where stability in combination with temperature resistance of more than 100°C is required.

While in the beginning GTS processing units have been manufactured with a closed-looped, self-optimizing and maintenance-free tempering system, today’s standard is an open oil-cooling of screws. Optional, GTS delivers a maintenance-free oil-block. With this oil-block especially in C-PVC application the process range can be increased. The inner surface can purposefully be made shiny, while the outer surface is mat.

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