Non-PVC Application

It is possible to use counter rotating twin screws for processing all thermoplastic material. It is just a question of economy.

Based on deep plastic processing technology GTS makes screw designs for a wide range of different plastics for counter rotating twin screws. More than 90% are for PVC application, but in the last years we received more and more inquiries for non-PVC applications. Since 25 years it got common to run ABS or similar formulations on counter rotating twin screws. For special processes we made counter rotating twin screws for sophisticated materials like polycarbonate and other expensive plastic types. We made screw designs for thermoplastics as well as for elastomer applications etc.

The reason why people use counter rotating twin screws are mainly three:

– our customers want to have a small residence time distribution
– they want to build up high pressure in front of the screw
– they want to control the melt temperature.

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