GermanTwinscrewS has got a wide knowhow for process and machine technology regarding pelletizing PVC. This knowhow bases on 30 years of experience in pelletizing and more and more requirements specifications. GTS pelletizing lines produce in all continents different kinds of pellets. Output is reached for hard PVC up to 2,5t/h and for soft PVC up to 3,5t/h.

Pelletizing of PVC consists of a wide range of different products and formulations. With one pelletizing line clear PVC as well as cable or shoe formulation should be compounded. GTS offers standard compounding screws, but also special optimized universal screw designs, which can handle a wide range of PVC formulations. All these compounding screws are designed and made with a closed looped, self-optimizing screw tempering.

In the field of pelletizing PVC GTS knowhow and GTS technology is one of the market leaders. Each day, a large number of lines produce value-adding and high-quality pellets for cable industry, for fitting formulas, high-filled or with natural fibers filled formulas, for C-PVC pelletizing, shoe-compound, different types of recycling and many others. Our main topic is a high output. All machine components of our lines are inhouse developments and are partly quite different to market-based solutions.

GTS screw designs for pelletizing are made free of hang-ups, so the crossover of single and multiple fights is guaranteed without loss by residence time. A small residence time distribution gives the guarantee, that every PVC particle gets the same history in pressure, temperature and time. The large advantage is that you are able to run cheapest formulation with highest quality.

A special screw design gives an excellent degassing of the melt. Usually the needle of the manometer of degassing shows the maximum or all the way to the stop. That means all pellets are produced without any air locks.

If you have special requirements for quality, for a new generation of fillers or very high output, please ask. We are sure that we are able to deliver solutions for your special requirement. GTS screws are well known for most economical applications.

As a standard GTS delivers nitrated screws and barrels – screws with a closed-looped, self-optimizing tempering system. Optional we offer an open oil-tempering system at .

In recycling, you often have non-plastic material. For those applications, GTS offers completely Tungsten-Carbide-coated screws and bimetallic barrels.

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