GermanTwinscrewS GmbH delivers for all pipe application optimized screws and barrels. This optimization is for a wide process window as well as for the sometimes hard and robust extrusion conditions in the field of PVC pipes. We consider the variety of formulations as well as the high percentage of different fillers inside formulations. We also consider conditions like high pressure especially for co-extrusion, highest output, very high back pressure or your special requirements sent to us. All screw designs have a wide range of process, so varieties in raw material can be compensated and accepted by process engineering.

Savage and water pipes, irrigation and drainage pipes, single layer and multi-layer, rigid and foam core pipes, high filled pipes and pipes for special application, pipes in medical application or pipes made by C-PVC – for all these different applications we are able to support you by our knowledge of the process and deliver for all these applications optimized screw designs. You will get only the best design from us. We take care for long life time, best melt quality, best venting and highest output.

By a special manufacturing process, the screw design is made free of hang-ups, so the crossover of single and multiple fights is guaranteed without free-cut and with narrow range of residence time in screws. Within the screws all PVC parts get the same thermal and shearing load, so very homogenic structure of pipes is given. When you are able to interfere safely and definitive into process and you have a narrow range of residence time, then you can manufacture by very inexpensive formula with very low stabilizer a high quality of end-product.

For pipe extrusion, the material is the cost driving factor. Best way to reduce costs is by using high filled formula. Fillings like calcium carbonate in different qualities are offered extremely low priced in different markets. We support you with our knowledge regarding the optimization of formulation as well as different technologies for cost reduction in the pipe extrusion field.

In different areas and different continents sometimes formulations are built up by 50-130 parts of calcium carbonate. Reason for this often is the extreme price pressure for extrusion companies, so these formulas have to give highest output. GermanTwinscrewS made special designs, so you can reach with standard lengths of OEMs enough energy to get a homogenic melt with highest filled formula. If you need higher output or better profitability, just ask for an enlargement of your processing unit.

As a standard, our processing units for pipe extrusion are sold inclusive a closed-looped, self-optimizing tempering system. For special application, the screw design can be made with an open oil-tempering. In this case we often deliver our maintenance-free GTS oilblock. Screws and barrels are usually nitrated, but optional we offer screws PTA welded with Tungsten Carbide and bimetallic barrels. For very hard application GTS offers a complete coating of screws with Tungsten Carbide.

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