The extrusion of profiles mainly is the extrusion of window profiles. Additional, profile extrusion is the meaning for extrusion of small and accessory profiles. In profile business, our experience shows that more than 90% are extruded with dry blend, but also with pellets.

GermanTwinscrewS delivers for all parallel and conical extruders compatible screws and barrels. In profile extrusion, this means small conical twin screws with highest processing range as well as screws for big lines with request of up to 800kg of homogenic melt. Profiles end up with highest surface quality and high impact resistance.

In extrusion of window profiles the question of highest quality is dominant. With GTS processing units, we guarantee the factor 2,5 between minimum and maximum output – and that with observance to colour value of formula. Window profiles often have more than 50 dimensions which should be inside a tolerance field of less than +/- 0,1mm and additional strongest requirements regarding surface flatness, colour etc. GTS screws, with our own design, guarantee a very homogenic and constant melt flow. The processing of the window profile PVC formulation will be done in an excellent way, so that you will create a high level of impact.

Especially for tin stabilized formulations, GTS uses surface coating of steel, which avoids adhesion and sticking together of melt at the screw surface. By a special manufacturing process, the screw design is made free of hang-ups, so the crossover of single and multiple fights is guaranteed without free-cut and with narrow range of residence time. Within the screws all PVC parts get the same thermal and shearing load, so very homogenic structure of profile is given.

Caused by this crossover and the narrow range of residence time, with GTS screws even poor and inexpensive formulas can be used to manufacture profiles with highest quality.

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