Soft PVC

Soft-PVC is one of the most flexible plastics to use. This means material property as well as processing technique.

GTS delivers processing units for pelletizing soft-PVC, especially for high performance. Starting material always is a dryblend, which can be stabilized on different basis and is provided with sometimes very high fillers. Worth mentioning is the wide processing range of processing units for soft-PVC. Between minimum and maximum performance a ratio of 2,8 is guaranteed. Altogether, performances are much higher than on market-based lines.

For large profiles and soft-PVC sheets also a dryblend is assumed to be the basic material.   These screw designs are very different to screw designs for pelletizing. The requirement specification has the main topic on homogeneity, freedom of streaks and constant performance.

The whole range of typical application for sealings are made explicitly with single screw extruders. Change of material and constant performance play a significant role. GTS delivers single screws corresponding to different kinds of soft-PVC. According to requirements like admixing colour or a wide process range GTS optimized screw designs.

For manufacturing larger profiles conical twin screws are used. By using these screws a high output and an excellent melt homogeneity is reached – even with higher back pressure.

Co-extrusion or post-co-extrusion is usually done by single screws with a diameter of 30-50mm. For this, GTS offers typical standard designs.

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