GermanTwinscrewS GmbH is a company who solves extrusion problems. We got experience since a long time in the processing of wood plastic composites (WPC) or better plastics filled with natural fibers. These fibers are wood composites like saw dust or wood fibers, like rice shells or rice husk, like leaves of trees or straw from cornfield etc. There is no limitation, only that the filler is grown in nature. From plastic side the main group is polyolefins and PVC formulations. For long term application PVC shows advantages.

GTS delivers for the wide range of different natural fiber additive components some standard screw designs as well as optimized designs for special formulation conditions. Most of these applications create strong wear inside the process unit which can only be compensated by a special and strong wear protection. By your request we will offer these special wear conditions in form of jacketing of full screw design as well as the running surface of the barrel with hardest wear protections. Independent for a lot of natural fiber formulations nitrated screws and nitrated barrels are an economical solution.

Our experience in this field has started in the 90th of the last century. We offer our experience in this field. When you ask for a quote for this application, please give us your special requirements. We will answer soon and competent.

When you ask for a quote you will get a download with a lot of technical descriptions around your screws.



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