Single Screws

GermanTwinscrewS GmbH delivers single screws for many applications. We separate between

  • Three-zone-screw
  • Screw with barrier zone
  • Screw with maddock-mixing segment
  • Screw with mixing pins
  • feeding screws

Above mentioned requirements for design can of course be combined.

Feeding screws must be designed for hardest application.

GTS has got the knowhow and experience to design for many applications. Our main topic is pipe- and sheet extrusion. But also processing units up to 500mm can be manufactured. With a length of more than 6m the screw will be made by three connected segments.

Standardly, single screws are nitrated. When expecting a higher wear, the screws will get a special wear protection on the running surface by PTA. In this case the screw flight will be coated with hard chrome.

For worst case application screws and barrels with a dimension of 80mm or more will be completely coated with Tungsten Carbide on all product touching surfaces.

Single screws as well as twin screws can be delivered with or without heater bands. For special application, single screws are made with a closed looped tempering system – similar to twin screws tempering systems.

All single screws for injection molding, especially for manufacturing PVC fittings, are subjects of special wear, which can only partly be compensated by optimizing screw design. GTS developed a special strategy for wear protection, which extends life time of screws for injection molding.

If you need an offer for single screws or wear protection as written above, please contact us directly at