Successful international trading

More than 25 years of experience in more than 100 countries worldwide – businessman Dr. Ernst Krueger takes an international stand for the region Ostfriesland.

„The region Ostfriesland is internationally seen not a small light – we are a real global player.“ The general manager of GermanTwinscrewS GmbH, Dr. Ernst Krueger, is enterprising in the international market. With the brand name „GTS“ the company from Grossefehn/ Ihlow established it’s reputation in the field of special custom products for machines and machine parts for plastic extrusion. The products are exported from Ostfriesland to all continents. Dr. Ernst Krueger essentially characterizes the worldwide plastic extrusion.

As a member of the external trade committee of the IHK, Dr. Krueger supports for many years the economy of Ostfriesland and Papenburg, which is depending on export. „There are many bureaucratical details which have to be considered. These details discourage many businessmen of exporting their products.“ You have to inform yourself and have to be well-advised – preperation is the main topic. Offers for advises, sponsorship and events organized by the IHK give a ideal preparation for the beginning of international or new marketing, as per Krueger:

„First of all you have to get applicable contacts. To plunge in the deep end is not recommended.“ Success in international business depends on reliable partners on-site. To find international business partners you have various possibilities. These possibilities have to be used.

The Ihlower will continiously support the international issues of IHK in Ostfriesland and Papenburg. „Germany has got an amazing reputation as worldwide trading partner. It is not only „Super-Exporter“ who profit by international network. Global trade gives especially for many medium-sized companies good economical prospects.“ This is a chance for everyone to be international successful. This is something, Dr. Krueger is very sure of.