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GTS bases on 25 years of experience in manufacturing screws and barrels, mainly for counter rotating twin screws. The brand name GTS is our brand name for internet sales of machines and accessories for twin screw equipment.

We do continuously optimization in twin screw technology. We take care for process energy optimization and take responsibility for our environment. Highest quality standards and reliability towards our long-term and also new customer relation are the main topics in our company philosophy.

GTS is the guarantee for our customer’s success in the worldwide market of extrusion of pipes, profiles, sheets and pellets. Our customers are on all continents in the business of polymer processing –  mainly extrusion. Extrusion results with counter rotating twin screws and large single screws in sheet and pipe extrusion are excellent.

GTS is also a centre of knowhow about PVC extrusion.  We consolidated all our experience to build up a platform which gives you information about extrusion of PVC easy to understand and at the same time offers you all machines after a few clicks within a few seconds to your email address. All quotes are combined with a download with a detailed technical description to the quote.

GermanTwinscrewS delivers screws and barrels, compatible to all European extruder. GTS does not restrict herself to make copies, but does optimization for questions or requirements like output or quality to existing extruders. Counter rotating twin screws are manufactured up to a diameter of 180mm, single screws up to a diameter of 500mm. Specific to some projects, twin screws with a diameter of 500mm have been manufactured and delivered to polymer processing industry.

GermanTwinscrewS gives optimal solutions. All extruders are manufactured with main topic to freedom of maintenance, lowest energy consumption and for rough circumstances in extrusion. Additional a wide process window of GTS processing units is guaranteed.

For the fields of pipe extrusion, PVC or polyolefins GTS offers three complete lines, especially for customers with a fix budget, who want optimized machines for pipe diameters up to 250mm. Of course, GTS can offer more machines for pipe diameter up to 630mm. Please send your inquiry to sales@germantwinscrews.de .

In pelletizing PVC with die face cutter, GTS knowhow and GTS technology is one of the market leader. Each day many pelletizing lines in the field of cable industry, fitting formulas, high-filled formulas or formulas filled with natural fibers, C-PVC pelletizing, shoe-compound, recycling and many other fields produce value-adding pellets of highest quality. Main topic is to reach a high output. GTS delivers pelletizing lines for an output of up to 2,5t/h (hard PVC) and 3,5t/h of soft-PVC. All machine components of these lines are in-house developments and are sometimes very different to market-based solutions.

This homepage is for all companies in the business of extrusion and machinery.
GermanTwinscrewS is manufacturer of twin screws and complete extrusion lines.

We are not the biggest, but we are the best in twin screws!


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