Sizes in the GTS program for single screws

  • single screws and barrels from Ø24 mm to Ø900 mm
  • manufacturing length for single piece screws up to 9.5 m, multi piece up to 13.5 m
  • manufacturing length for single screw barrels up to 13.5 m
  • bimetallic barrels from Ø50 mm to Ø400 mm

GTS standard single screws are characterized by an additional deep nitriding process, while the wear-protected single screws are equipped with armored running surfaces. For PVC processing, 3-zone screws are often utilized, but our GTS Engineering team continuously develops more sophisticated geometries for a variety of polymer applications. This development isn't limited to the conveying area but also includes barrier, Maddock and other mixing and shearing elements in sequence.

Standard single screw barrels are delivered in a nitrided finish. In recent years, there has been a continuous trend towards bimetallic barrels, which offer significantly higher wear protection and thus a much longer lifespan.

For the petrochemical industry, we manufacture single screws and barrels specifically for very high speeds, with screw diameters from 500 to 900 mm.

Under "Single Screws and Barrels," you can find more information about typical product solutions. However, this is just a small extract of the process engineering offered by GTS.

Sizes in the GTS program for co-rotating twin screws

  • co-rotating, closely intermeshing twin screws from Ø200 mm to Ø420 mm
  • screw shafts for screw elements up to 12.5 m in length
  • barrel sections from Ø90 mm to Ø420 mm

The product segment of GTS is primarily developed for the plastic manufacturing industry. Standardly, the large, co-rotating and closely intermeshing twin screws are provided with extra deep nitriding. In various areas of the geometry, special wear protection coatings are applied to the running surfaces.

The standard barrel sections from GTS are also provided with a special, extra deep nitriding. According to the requirements for abrasive or corrosive wear protection, the barrel sections are equipped with bimetallic alloys.

Barrel sections are often tempered with electric heaters and cooled with a water and steam mixture. Especially for large diameters, tempering is performed through a two-circuit borehole system with liquid heating and cooling. GTS barrel sections feature a bore labyrinth in close proximity to the melt-leading surfaces and are pressure-sealed welded at appropriate points by the experienced GTS team.

Sizes in the GTS program for counter-rotating closely intermeshing and non-intermeshing twin screws

  • counter-rotating, closely intermeshing twin screws, parallel design from Ø50 mm to Ø280 mm
  • counter-rotating, non-intermeshing twin screws, parallel design from Ø120 mm to Ø600 mm
  • counter-rotating, closely intermeshing twin screws, conical design from Ø35/70 mm to Ø94/198 mm
  • manufacturing length for screws in single-piece up to 9.5 m
  • manufacturing of corresponding twin-screw barrels
  • standardly, GTS twin-screw barrels are heated with ceramic heating bands and cooled with correspondingly powerful, maintenance-free blowers. If desired, barrels can also be tempered with liquid.

Counter-rotating closely intermeshing twin screws by GTS are designed with an internal, 100% maintenance-free and self-optimizing tempering. Optionally, screws with an external/open oil circuit are offered. Custom designs, especially for low-temperature process units, are offered on a customer-specific basis.

As standard, GTS offers a special nitriding process with a nitride depth of 0.6 to 0.8 mm. Additionally, armoring on the running surface of the screws with molybdenum or tungsten carbide is possible. Wear protection from tungsten carbide can also be executed as a complete coating of the surface in the processing area.

Besides the nitrided twin-screw barrels, bimetallic versions for the toughest applications are offered, too. For food applications, correspondingly certified material pairings are used.

For the petrochemical industry with its high throughput and quality requirements, we design and produce large-scale, non-intermeshing twin screws for the global plastic manufacturing market.

For further questions, we are at your disposal and will be happy to provide you with an individual offer upon request.