Global Insights - Diverse Impressions from Around the World

Over the years, GermanTwinscrewS has built a broad network of partnerships and collaborations that allow us to effectively utilize local resources and be present in the international market. Our team consists of experts from different cultural backgrounds and specialist areas who contribute their knowledge and experience to develop innovative solutions that meet global standards.

We work closely with customers around the world to understand their individual requirements and offer customized solutions. We place great emphasis on open and transparent communication and active listening to ensure we fully understand our customers' needs and can even exceed their expectations.

GTS has entered into framework agreements with various globally active plastic processing groups, which promote the international standardization of processing concepts.

Furthermore, GTS is campaigning for social and ecological responsibility on a global scale. We are committed to sustainable production practices and support local communities through various social initiatives and programs.

Our global presence and commitment to excellence make us a preferred partner for companies and organizations around the world looking for high-quality products and first-class service.