Internal recycling or the processing of clean recycled material into granulate is extensively done using GTS-single screws. In the recycling sector, we differentiate between well-defined raw materials and recycled materials with foreign substances or contaminants. Here, throughputs are often significantly increased, and energy consumption is reduced compared to conventional plants. GTS offers corresponding heating-cooling combinations with effective insulations that contribute significantly to energy saving.

The growing share of recycling of more or less contaminated plastics plays a crucial role in the future of the plastics industry. In the future, it will be necessary for manufacturers of refrigerators and washing machines to use a certain proportion of recycled materials in their products. We see the increasing environmental acceptance as of great importance for the recycling rate, which will become a crucial factor for future plastic processing. GTS offers specialized processing units that often fulfill a broader range of tasks than conventional machine systems on the market. This includes the area of the material feeding system with extremely low bulk density, which is processed using special feeding systems, as well as various degassing methods along the screw systems. This also includes the use of color and filler-influencing materials to produce high-quality products with significant added value.

Efficient degassing is crucial for the production of bubble-free granulate. GTS supplies its own vacuum domes and devices that ensure safe degassing. The bimetallic barrels used by GTS are typically fed by special grooved bushings, which are also available in bimetallic versions.

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