Profile extrusion with single screws

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Profile extrusion is an extremely demanding process that requires precise control and high quality. GTS processing units meet a variety of quality standards, including accurate and homogenous color production, excellent gelation with high impact resistance, and consistent pushing behavior. Maintaining consistent product quality over an extended period is essential, for which GTS employs state-of-the-art technologies and comprehensive expertise.

Barrels used for these applications are typically nitriding versions, offering high durability and resistance. GTS utilizes modified barrels that meet individual material and customer requirements. Various adjustments may be necessary, like expanding the vacuum zone, adding separate components or injecting different plastics into the barrel, which are then mixed together in the discharge area.

These adjustments are particularly relevant, as single screws are employed in a variety of small profiles across different industries, from construction and electronics to medical technology and from post-co-extrusion to fiber-reinforced co-extrusion, including low-temperature applications.

Given the diversity of materials used, customers contact GTS regularly to optimize output and ensure uniform product quality. With years of experience and in-depth expertise, GTS conducts thorough flow technical calculations to develop customized solutions for the specific requirements of the customers.

For more information, we are at your disposal and will be happy to provide you with an individual offer upon request.