With 25 years of commitment and unmatched expertise, GermanTwinscrewS GmbH has established itself as an undisputed expert in the design and manufacturing of single and twin screws as well as barrels for global application. We are also firmly embedded in the petrochemical industry, offering tailor-made solutions for the production of polymers and other petrochemical products.

Our experience, spanning across a broad spectrum of over 100 countries, has accumulated a valuable wealth of knowledge over the years that forms the core of our company. Through careful documentation and analysis, we have developed an understanding of the individual need and requirements of our customers that is beyond comparison.

Our expertise was founded on comprehensive theoretical training in PVC processing and recipe optimization, which ultimately led to the development of state-of-the-art software for the optimization and design of counter-rotating twin screws. This pioneering software has analyzed countless geometries of established European machine manufacturers and developed a standardized design strategy that highlights our unique approach. Over the years, we have confirmed the quality of our software through the successful manufacturing of thousands of sets of twin screws based on the optimized and autonomous design guidelines.

This has led GTS to exclusively offering our own screw geometries which are seamlessly compatible with existing machines on the market. Our die heads, PVC melt filters, pelletizing heads and pipe adapters, along with a multitude of other peripheral devices for extrusion, have set standards in this sector over the years and have helped even shaping it. Our philosophy of independence and outstanding performance also extends to extruders, production lines and accessories such as pelletizing heads, melt filters and pipe adapters.

Since 2014, GTS has also been increasingly present in the petrochemical industry. Based on our profound knowledge in polymer manufacturing, we serve plants with throughput ranges from 20 to 100 tons per hour. For global application, we produce large single screws, large counter-rotating non-intermeshing twin screws and large co-rotating closely intermeshing twin screws, each in conjunction with the appropriate barrels. These barrels are tempered with a heating medium such as steam, water, oil or electricity. Of course, we do offer peripheral devices for start-up or corresponding pelletizing processes, too.

At GTS, we set standards in terms of melting quality and versatility in the processing window by consistently exploiting the maximum output potential of our units. Often, GTS units start where others stop, thereby setting new standards for efficiency and performance in plastic processing.