PVC-free application

In principle, nearly all types of plastics can be processed using counter-rotating twin screws. However, each type of plastic requires an individual screw geometry, which can often differ significantly from the standards for PVC. Thanks to our extensive theoretical knowledge and years of practical experience, GTS delivers custom-made counter-rotating twin screws, not only for the food industry but also for the production of stabilizers and other plastic additives.

In areas where thermally sensitive materials or the highest processing requirements are demanded, our customers rely on GTS twin screws with custom designs. Throughputs of more than 1 ton/hour are achieved with our processing units both in the chemical industry and in the cosmetics sector. Additionally, GTS screws are used in applications where materials need to be heated to a specific temperature or in foam applications that require targeted temperature reduction.

Last but not least, GTS screws and barrels are also used in the processing of ceramic masses, exclusively utilizing special steel alloys. Our screw geometries have often significantly expanded the processing capabilities of our customers.

For more information, we are at your disposal and will be happy to provide you with an individual offer upon request.