Profile extrusion with counter-rotating twin screws

Profile extrusion primarily focuses on the production of main and secondary window profiles, as well as so-called small profiles, which often use both dry blends and granulates. In over 90% of cases, counter-rotating twin screws are used for processing.

For the profile sector, GTS offers proven parallel and conical twin screws that are compatible with all common extruders. Parallel twin screws for profiles are mainly used for throughputs of 100 to 800 kg/h, while conical screws are especially used for co-extrusion and lower throughputs.

Profile extrusion requires comprehensive quality standards, including reliable color production, homogeneous gelling for the highest impact resistance, consistent pushing behavior, and a wide processing window. Moreover, screws and barrels must ensure consistently high product quality over long periods. GTS processing units effortlessly meet all these requirements.

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