Pipe extrusion with single screws


Single screws are used to manufacture a variety of polyolefin pipes that are widely used across different industries. These applications include supply pipes for water and heating systems, PPR pipes often produced in co-extrusion processes with fiberglass as well as CoEx pipes with aluminum composite. This also involves the use of barrier layers with chemically very aggressive plastics. For such requirements, GTS does not only provide the processing units but also delivers customized extrusion tools.

Larger pipes are utilized in sectors such as gas or pressurized water supply, whereas, depending on their required pressure class, they are designed with a significant wall thickness. For these applications, melt quality, homogeneity and a low melt temperature are crucial to ensure a minimum level of sagging. GTS units also allow a precise control over the crystallinity of the polyolefins.

Additionally, GTS offers the manufacturing of screws according to individual customer requirements, where their expertise in screw design plays a key role. Geometries for highly transparent pipes as well as customized compounds will be considered, too.

For more information, we are at your disposal and will be happy to provide you with an individual offer upon request.