Non-intermeshing counter-rotating screws

Non-intermeshing counter-rotating screws are frequently used in the chemical industry, especially in the production of precursors or chemical mixtures in petrochemical processing. Compared to closely intermeshing twin screws, rotational speeds are increased five to tenfold. With high rotational speeds, we achieve similar mixing effects as with co-rotating screws, but with significantly less wear. These properties make them particularly suitable for use in corrosive or chemically aggressive media in the petrochemical industry and the production of specialty plastics.

For non-intermeshing counter-rotating screws, GTS develops special screw geometries that are optimally tailored to the requirements in petrochemical processing. The steel used is always high in chromium to ensure high resistance to wear in petrochemical environments. Wear protection coatings are applied using the latest laser technology. Additionally, GTS has developed special screwing options for these applications to ensure maximum performance in the petrochemical industry.

For the granulation of HDPE with throughput ranges up to 100 tons/hour, non-intermeshing, double-supported counter-rotating screws are often used. These are equipped with drives in the megawatt range, with discharge occurring through melt pumps. In rare cases, degassing is used for these high throughputs, but melt brakes are often employed along the screw length. These large counter-rotating twin screws weigh up to 8 tons each.

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