PVC pipe extrusion with counter-rotating twin screws

PVC Rohre mono 11 nn v2

PVC pipe extrusion primarily involves the production of pressure or sewer pipes using mono- or co-extrusion processes with parallel and sometimes conical twin screws. Particularly in Europe, foam pipe in the sewage sector has become the standard, while outside Europe, a high use of fillers is preferred.

In pipe applications, GTS processing units are characterized by high throughputs and a wide processing window. The GTS wear protection is particularly outstanding in the pipe sector, enabling the use of high filler contents. Output rates of 1.5 to 2 tons per hour are commonplace for GTS, with the GTS philosophy suggesting hardly any upper limit in output for pipes.

The pipe market is a mass market, thus high economic efficiency of screws and barrels is crucial. GTS processing units ensure a large output, excellent armoring in bimetallic execution, and outstanding gelling, leading to very good impact resistance of the pipe products.

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