Sheet extrusion with single screws

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For chemical applications, thick-walled PP (polypropylene) plates are required, but a significant market share lies in the area of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) sheets. For the very thick-walled PP plates, the degree of crystallization is a crucial factor in chemical applications, significantly depending on the melt temperature and homogeneity. In contrast, the focus for standard HDPE sheets lies on the mass throughput.

Especially in the area of standard HDPE sheets, many GTS processing units are in use worldwide. They enable the homogenous integration of customer-specific high recycling contents, often utilizing special barrier zones from GTS. To optimize costs, co-extrusions are increasingly used. Here, GTS screws ensure high back pressures and excellent melt qualities over long operating times. Moreover, our screws are also used in the manufacturing of thermoforming sheets from ABS and various styrene variants in mono- or co-extrusion.

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