Petrochemical application


The non-intermeshing counter-rotating screws from GTS are commonly used in the production of polyolefins, where they play a crucial role in processing raw materials. These raw materials are typically delivered in powdered form and need to be pre-mixed with stabilizers or other additives before being fed into the hopper.

GTS process units are supplied in both standard configurations and customized designs. These tailored solutions offer a wide processing range, allowing for efficient handling of polyolefins with various MFI (Melt Flow Index) values. Special attention is paid to minimizing defects such as fisheyes while ensuring high throughput.

The screw shafts from GTS are manufactured from high-strength and corrosion-resistant steels, providing them with a long lifespan and high durability. Through the use of stress-relieved, high-tempered steels, and corresponding manufacturing processes, very high torque levels can be achieved, resulting in increased throughput.

In addition to standard barrel sections, GTS also offers custom options, including modified tempering. These can be supplied with or without flanges and enable precise temperature control during the extrusion process.

Furthermore, GTS provides a repair service for existing barrel sections. This includes applying a wear-resistant coating and machining flange sides to improve sealing. In some cases, a hardened spacer is used for length compensation to ensure an optimal fit.

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